25/9/13 – Take me out to the ball game

Had a wander down the pier and along the beach after getting ready on the morning. Spied some pointy fish, took pictures of our feet in the sand like total tourists and went sea shell hunting. I found a funky orange-ish one to keep – Kel of course had a whole collection. We sat by the pool for a couple of hours before returning to the room for some grub. We’d gotten some hot pockets from the weird hamster supermarket since we had a microwave, so we had them. They were nice but messy. Some of the stuffing blobbed out onto my stomach – I was still in my bikini so that definitely woke me up! I now have an obvious burn mark. From cheese. Fantastic.

Trying to be artistic on the beach... Doesn't work so well when your foot's half sunk.

Trying to be artistic on the beach… Doesn’t work so well when your foot’s half sunk.

We got showered and ready early on so that we could head on down to the Marlins Ballpark in hopes of catching the game. I’ve been saying for years how much I’ve wanted to see a baseball game (it was even on my bucket list) as it’s the only sport I’ve ever had an interest in. Typical that it’s one we don’t get in England. So we headed on to downtown Miami. Had to get two buses – one of which was over an hour long. American buses aren’t majorly different to ours. They’re smaller but people are much happier to talk to each other. You have to pull a cord to request a stop, rather than pushing a button. I wanted to have a go but everyone kept beating me to it. Sad times. Every bus had the first seat behind the driver dedicated to Rosa Parks. Would never have remembered the name, but vaguely recalled her story when prompted by Kel. History teachers, only part of your work succeeded.

Eventually found our way to the ballpark and managed to get some pretty decent seats for just thirty dollars! It was so exciting to have that ticket in my hand and fascinating just being inside the stadium itself. Of course we were then rooting for the home team, the Miami Marlins (the opposition being the Philadelphia Phillies). Was really quite taken by the Marlins’ catcher Hill and their clean-up hitter Yelich! I do love me some baseball boys.

Kel wasn’t all that clued-up on the rules so I filled her in as best as I could. My knowledge wholly comes from watching shows like Big Windup!, Princess Nine and Clannad, but it turns out that they’re extremely accurate! Well done to the Japanese animation teams. We agreed that the atmosphere was really fun and certainly seemed much friendly than that of England’s notorious football fans and hooligans. And to put the absolute cream on the cake – our team won! They didn’t even have to bat in the last inning, as the Phillies didn’t get to score any final hits. Go team!

That’s another one off the bucket list, thank you very much!


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