24/9/13 – Settling in

Body clock’s out of whack and still on British time, so I ended up getting up crazy early. Watched some more Tsubasa and unpacked our clothes to kill some time. We very slowly got ready and went down to the pool for a couple of hours. Came back up to the room around eleven-ish for our Skype date with Mom! Her camera wasn’t working and the sound was quite temperamental too, but it was still nice to get to talk to her.

Headed back down to Denny’s for lunch and had some loaded fries and then cinnamon pancake puppies. Both very yummy! Then went to the strangest supermarket to grab some pop. They played some bizarre classical music and most of the aisles smelt of hamsters. I did get a small tub of Apple Jacks to try though (which I’ve obviously wanted to do for ages) and they’re so good! I don’t eat cereal because I hate milk, so I just ate them like a bag of crisps!

Went back down to the pool again for another few hours. The sun had disappeared behind the massive hotel opposite, so we chose some sunbeds and waited it out. As soon as the sun did appear it was then swallowed up by the biggest black cloud that had come out of nowhere. Typical. We then had a huge clap of thunder that scared the crap out of Kel and it suddenly started raining. A lot. So we escaped back to our room. Had another quick Skype session with Mom and a longer one with Theresa. Then sat eating Apple Jacks and watching Adventure Time whilst waiting for the rain to stop (James would be proud).

Had tea at Tony Roma’s. Kel pointed out a pineapple cocktail that of course I had to have. Was lovely but I soon discovered it was non-alcoholic! Washed it down with a proper Cosmopolitan though, which made it all better. The manager then gave us two green blocks and the challenge to make a pyramid out of them for a free appetiser. Safe to say we failed. He still gave us the voucher prize though. Win!

On our return to hotel after food. Me “playing up” on the luggage thing!


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