23/9/13 – Let’s go on an adventure

So, what with America being such a turning point in my life, I figured I should get my butt in gear and actually keep a journal of it. Kel has the blog but it’s mostly hers (plus we only have her tablet for updating that and I suck with touch screen typing). So I’m keeping my own record of our adventure. Plus it gives me a good use for this lovely Durarara!! notebook I’ve had for over a year now and still haven’t used, since it’s pretty and I’ve been loathed to ruin it with my scrappy writing notes.

Anyway, the adventure started with a long-ass day of travelling. Half two wake-up to have time to straighten hair, last minute getting ready and saying goodbye to Pops and the woofies. Mom and Auntie Ann took us to the airport, which was nice but also bad since we all ended up having a blub. Yup, even me (hey, I felt left out!)

The trip through Birmingham airport was fast and smooth sailing (besides my bag getting searched for god knows what reason). The first flight was lovely and short. An American guy and a well-travelled businessman were sat behind us and we both spent the whole time just listening to their conversation – it was fascinating! (Kinda struggling to write around these characters at the bottom – almost wrote on Izaya there!) **[This is only relevent if you’ve actually seen my notebook, but just an excuse of how distracted I get even when writing!]

So we got to Paris and I then ended up getting searched another two times! Geez… I’ve never been searched before in my life and this time I scored a hat trick! The flight then got delayed and we were sat on the runway for an hour before taking off. Like nine hours isn’t already long enough to be stuck on a plane.

Managed to snooze on and off during the flight, started re-reading my Clive Cussler books, listened to some That Anime Show, watched some of the Tsubasa OVAs… (and was horrified! Poor Fai!) They gave us free packs of pretzels which was good, even more so because Kel doesn’t like them so I got both! That worked out well because the actual meals were weird and way fancy for us. Tried risotto. Didn’t like it. Also ended up eating broccoli because it was all mixed into the mash. What has happened to my life?

Had a fairly long transfer to our hotel, but got to see a bit of Miami. The camera whoring also began. Finally got to some wi-fi once we made it to our room so we could let everyone know we’d arrived safe. Annoyingly, Mom had signed out of Skype just five minutes before we got online! Dozy tart. We ended up Skyping Sid and she texted Dad for us to pass the message along. After that we went out in search of food and found a Denny’s! We visited Denny’s twice last year and both times I had a country fried beef steak thing. Of course I had it again this time. Was lush.

We were then shattered by this point so we came back to the hotel, got into our giant squishy bed (seriously, it’s huge and so comfy!) and put the telly on. Guess what was on? Enchanted. Well hello, Mr. Marsden. I’ve certainly been dreaming of a true love’s kiss after your role as Prince Edward. Happy to say that that was the perfect end to a long but very important day.

Just arrived safe in Miami. The view from our balcony!

Just arrived safe in Miami. The view from our balcony!

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